The Elms Inn embodies the rich history of Ridgefield in Southwest Connecticut, which was established in 1709. Today the past is very much alive, with historic landmarks dating back to the Revolutionary War and beyond. Today’s Ridgefield has blossomed into a picturesque town with timeless charms and modern luxuries.

The Story of Elms Inn

In 1760, Master cabinet-maker named Amos Seymour built a charming colonial house upon an historical American Revolutionary War battle site, and filled it with furnishings he painstakingly created by hand. Today this masterpiece and several other buildings comprise the historic Elms Inn, carefully preserved to maintain an authentic historic ambiance.

Over 200 years later, the battle cries have long faded, but the home that became an Inn continues to welcome travelers with the same care and artistry that marked its beginning. Today, the Inn offers a memorable experience few properties of its size can boast. To enjoy a meal at our acclaimed restaurant is no mundane experience in eating, but rather an adventure in dining.

To those of discriminating taste, The Elms extends a warm invitation to become a part of a long tradition of exceptional hospitality.