Town History

Ridgefield was founded in 1708 and named for its layout along three parallel ridges, with its Main Street set along the center ridge. There were 25 original lots allocated to the families along the street, and The Elms Inn is found on one of these lots. Even during its earlier years, Ridgefield found itself in a convenient location, and was a stop on the old stagecoach route from New York City to Hartford and onto Boston.

The Battle of Ridgefield
Then in 1777, Ridgefield found itself in the midst of the Revolutionary War. The Battle of Ridgefield —the only battle fought on Connecticut soil during the war—took place not 500 yards from where The Elms Restaurant stands today. Most of the town’s 64 men were serving with General Washington. The British General Tryon and 1,800 troops had just destroyed American supplies in nearby Danbury. In an attempt to block them, the American force of 600 men under the command of Generals Wooster and Benedict Arnold set up a barricade. Although valiant, the effort claimed the life of General Wooster (the first Connecticut General killed in the Revolutionary War). The victory of the Battle of Ridgefield was decided in favor of the British but a variety of modern monuments serve as a testament to the efforts of the American force. The Inn features a mural in its front hall depicting The Battle of Ridgefield.

Ridgefield Today – A Blend of Old & New
Today, Ridgefield is one of Connecticut’s finest treasures. It offers a sublime blend of small-town New England charm and upscale pleasures. It also holds its colonial heritage close to its heart. Situated in Fairfield County just 60 miles from the hustle and bustle of New York City, Ridgefield offers a promise of relaxation and scenic surroundings. It’s no wonder that it has drawn celebrities from Manhattan seeking a more peaceful landscape. One drive along Main Street fringed with Victorian homes, and towering elm and oak trees, and you can sense that Ridgefield has managed to preserve its unique status as a charming and historic town within the 21st century.

Ridgefield is brimming with opportunities for a quiet weekend, or to indulge in exceptional performing arts, dining and entertainment opportunities. From historic sites to specialty and antique shops, Ridgefield is a postcard-perfect town with lots to see and do. Downtown offers open-air dining, captivating architecture and the joys of Ballard Green, a town park with a gazebo, play areas and promenade. Whether you arrive for a day or a week, The Elms Inn is the ideal way to explore the many shops, cafés and natural attractions that make Ridgefield a great country getaway—that’s actually quite close to it all.